NAATBatt Lithium-Ion Battery Supply Chain Database

The Lithium-Ion (li-ion) Battery Supply Chain Database is a directory of North American companies in the li-ion supply chain: manufacturing, research and development, services, end of life management, and product distributors.

Lithium-Ion Battery Supply Chain Database and User Guide

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Spreadsheet last updated September 2021

Li-ion batteries power cell phones, laptops, and other consumer devices and are used in many other applications, including plug-in electric vehicles, renewable grids, aviation, and defense. The global li-ion battery market is expected to grow in the next decade, particularly because of electrification of transportation.

Developing a supply chain from material extraction to manufacturing battery packs is essential for a competitive edge in li-ion domestic and global markets. The National Blueprint for Lithium Batteries expresses the need to strengthen U.S. competitiveness in lithium battery innovation and manufacturing with a robust plan for domestic supply chain development. This database is an initial step in understanding the strengths and gaps in the North American li-ion battery supply chain. The database will be regularly updated as the li-ion battery technology market evolves.


NREL worked with NAATBatt International—a trade association of approximately 140 companies and research institutions that develop, manufacture, and use advanced battery technologies in North America—to develop this database. The database maps every material, process, manufacturing, and end-of-life management of li-ion batteries into different segments. The database identifies most of companies in the supply chain that manufacture goods, provide services, manufacture equipment, or distribute products related to lithium-ion battery technology.

NAATBatt and NREL are sharing this database with the public, industry, investors, and decision makers to help them better understand the status of the North American li-ion supply chain, identify strengths and gaps, promote collaboration, and identify potential investments.

Database Content

This database lists North American companies in the li-ion supply chain, including manufacturing (raw material through battery packs), research and development, services (e.g., battery repair, consulting), recycling, and product distributors. NREL compiled this database using:

  • An extensive search of publicly available resources
  • Private and commercial databases
  • A questionnaire to more than 800 people
  • One-on-one interviews with selected stakeholders.

For each facility, the database lists:

  • Company name
  • Website URL
  • Facility in North America for the segment identified
  • Facility address
  • Products or services offered at the facility
  • Approximate size of the company's overall workforce in North America, when available
  • Headquarter company, location, and website.

In addition, where available, the database summarizes critical information such as installed battery manufacturing capacity (in gigawatt-hours) and material production capability (in tons per year), plans for future capacity, types of chemistries and processes, and expansion plans by sector (e.g., transportation, stationary).

Interactive Features

The database is downloadable as a Microsoft Excel file. This format allows users to search and sort individual segments within the database. To search across the worksheets, use the "Search" and "End of Life (EOL) Search" pages. Both pages allow the user to search by any part of a company name. The Search page reviews all supply chain segments except EOL, while the EOL Search page reviews the EOL facilities. The user guide includes specific information on search pages.

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For corrections, please contact us. The principal investigators for this work are Ahmad Pesaran (NREL) and James Greenberger (NAATBatt).