NAATBatt Lithium-Ion Battery Supply Chain Database

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The NAATBatt Lithium-Ion (li-ion) Battery Supply Chain Database is a directory of companies with facilities in North America representing the li-ion battery supply chain.

Facilities include those involved in raw materials production; materials processing; electrode, cell, components, and pack manufacturing; end-of-life management and recycling; and service and support facilities (e.g., research, modeling, distributors repair, and professional services).

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The database is available in two formats: an online version and a downloadable Excel file—both of which have these interactive features for finding companies: maps, filtering, and search.

Updated on Feb. 19, 2024

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Lithium-ion Battery Supply Chain Segments

The database features companies within the following li-ion battery supply chain segments as well as support facilities, such as equipment manufacturing and research.

Upstream: Mining and Raw Materials Production; Battery Material Processing. Midstream: Cell and Component Manufacturing; Pack Manufacturing. Downstream: End-of-life recycling and reuse: Electric vehicles, stationary storage, national defense, aviation.

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Database Development

NREL has developed the database with funding from NAATBatt International—a trade association of more than 220 companies that promotes the development and commercialization of electrochemical energy storage and the revitalization of advanced battery manufacturing in North America.

For more information about NREL's development of the database for NAATBatt, see North American Lithium-ion Battery Supply Chain Development - Phase II


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