Decision Support for States

NREL provides decision support, technical assistance, and resources to help U.S. states plan for and implement clean energy solutions. 

Technical Assistance

NREL offers technical expertise to help states navigate the complexities of implementing or transitioning to clean energy.

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Resources and Tools for Projects

NREL develops and provides resources and tools to help states navigate clean energy projects.

Renewable Energy Integration and Optimization

This economic decision support platform is used to optimize energy systems for buildings, campuses, communities, microgrids, and more.

State Clean Energy Employment Projection Support

State decision makers can gain insight on employment growth potential in four clean energy areas: grid-connected battery storage, land-based wind energy, solar photovoltaics, and energy efficiency. 

State and Local Planning for Energy Platform

The online platform supports data-driven state and local energy and decarbonization planning.

U.S. Department of Energy Low-Income Energy Affordability Data Tool

Data, maps, and graphs are available for understanding housing and energy characteristics for low- and moderate-income households.

Engage Energy Modeling Tool

The tool facilitates custom energy system planning, simulation, and data management for states and other jurisdictions based on user-supplied data sets.

Solar Market Analysis, Programs, and Financing Webinars

Webinars from 2011-2018 are available for state and local policymakers.

State and Local Project Map

The map highlights NREL's state and local projects from 2011-2018.

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Success Stories


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Community Energy Planning: Best Practices and Lessons Learned in NREL's Work with Communities, NREL Technical Report (2022)

Expanding Accessibility of Energy Modeling in Hawaii, NREL Fact Sheet (2021)

A Survey of Federal and State-Level Solar System Decommissioning Policies in the United States, NREL Technical Report (2021)

State and Local Policy Impacts on the Residential Solar PV Installation Industry, NREL Technical Report (2019)