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Ensuring Inclusivity for Researchers

NREL joins the 16 other U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories to support name-change requests so researchers of all genders—and transgender researchers specifically—can rightfully claim ownership of past work. Through this process, researchers can be known in their respective fields primarily through their merits as published authors.

Popular Publications

This list includes NREL publications released from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, 2023. It is updated quarterly and based on publication downloads. Visit the research program sites for recent publications by topic.

Federal Aviation Administration Vertiport Electrical Infrastructure Study, NREL Technical Report (2023)

Fall 2023 Solar Industry Update, NREL Presentation (2023)

Long-Duration Energy Storage: Resiliency for Military InstallationsNREL Technical Report (2023)

LA100 Equity Strategies. Executive Summary, NREL Technical Report (2023)

2023 State of Innovation: Emerging Climate Technologies Primed for Private Investment, NREL Technical Report (2023)

Virtual Power Plants and Energy Justice, NREL Technical Report (2023)

Hydrogen Considerations Tree: Executive Deck, NREL Presentation (2023)

LA100 Equity Strategies, NREL Technical Report (2023)

Wind Energy Accomplishments and Year-End Performance Report: Fiscal Year 2023, NREL Management Report (2023)

Vehicle Technologies Fiscal Year 2023 Annual Report, NREL Management Report (2023)

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