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Materials and Chemical Science and Technology

The capabilities of the Materials and Chemical Science and Technology (MCST) directorate at NREL span from foundational scientific understanding to industry-relevant applied R&D for renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Our key program areas include solar energy conversion (video) for electricity and fuels, materials discovery and development for renewable energy technologies, hydrogen production and storage, and fuel cells. We provide expertise to the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Office of Science, ARPA-E, as well university and industry partners. The directorate is led by Associate Laboratory Director William Tumas

Photo of three scientists behind two round beakers.

Chemistry and Nanoscience

Investigating materials and processes to convert renewable sources into chemical and electrical energy

Center Director Jao van de Lagemaat | Staff

Photo of two males next to a large solar PV module.

Materials Applications and Performance

Developing high-efficiency crystalline PV, measuring PV cell/module performance, and advancing PV reliability

Center Director Greg Wilson | Staff

Photo of a male and female with a lab in the background.

Materials Science

Providing fundamental and applied materials science discovery for various renewable energy technologies

Center Director Nancy Haegel | Staff

Photo of a lab with bays, equipment, and two researchers in protective gear by the door.

MCST Research Operations

Building and strengthening the R&D infrastructure within MCST to expand research impact

Center Director Pete Sheldon

Photo of a male holding a small square cell between two fingers.

National Center for Photovoltaics

Supporting the DOE Solar Energy Technologies Office by focusing on technical innovations that drive U.S. photovoltaic manufacturing

Center Director Greg Wilson | Staff

Photo of a solar PV array on a rooftop of a building with a view of many buildings in the background.

Solar Program

Accelerating NREL's research in photovoltaics, concentrating solar power, solar grid and systems integration, and market acceleration and soft costs

Laboratory Program Manager Mary Werner

Photo of a hydrogen car driving away.

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Program

Developing, integrating, and demonstrating hydrogen production/delivery/storage and fuel cell technologies

Laboratory Program Manager Keith Wipke

Photo of four male researchers with one holding a small, yellow, transparent plate in the forefront.

Basic Energy Science

Understanding the science to improve and develop concepts and technologies for renewable energy conversion/storage through core programs and EFRCs

Point of Contact Bill Tumas


MCST Research Advisors/Fellows

Senior NREL science and technology experts provide direction and guide priorities of research within MCST:

MCST Organization, Collaboration, and Publications

The MCST organizational chart indicates center and group managers, and directors of Joint Institutes, Energy Frontier Research Centers, Energy Materials Network consortia, and more led by MCST personnel.

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