ESIF by the Numbers (Text Version)

This is the text version of the video ESIF by the Numbers.

17 laboratories

180,000+ square feet

1,000+ energy devices

3 mock homes

250+ grid-edge devices

12 electric vehicle chargers

Cooling capacity greater than 1,000 air conditioners

Experiments that run hotter than a volcano (1200°C)

Hardware-in-the-loop experiments with 100 physical devices at power

1 MWh of energy stored in batteries

20 MWh energy stored as hydrogen

10-minute electric vehicle charging for a 200-mile range

Every hour the ESIF can produce renewable hydrogen gas equivalent to 14 gallons of gasoline

The high-performance computer can run 44 million-BILLION calculations per second

300 patents and records of invention

2,000 scientific publications

300 external partners

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