NREL's Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF) accelerates the efficient transition to future energy systems that are secure, resilient, reliable, affordable, and clean.

Ten Years of Energy Innovation at the ESIF
Researcher using visualization tools at NREL.

Learn about the ESIF's advanced capabilities that power our research across energy systems integration, hydrogen technologies, and high-performance computing.

An ESIF Laboratory

Discover how you can access the ESIF's laboratories, researchers, and instruments to develop and validate emerging energy technologies for the future grid.

10 Years of Energy Systems Innovation

For the past decade, the ESIF has been an incubator for technology and ideas at the leading-edge of energy systems integration. To celebrate our anniversary, we look back at 10 of ESIF's trailblazing achievements and reflect on what lies ahead.

Archive photo of the ESIF facility under construction

Energy Systems Integration Newsletter

Breakthrough research in energy systems integration is happening at NREL every day. Be the first to know.


User Call for Advanced Distribution Management System Test Bed Vehicle-Grid Integration

NREL is accepting proposals for projects that require using our Advanced Distribution Management System Test Bed for Electric Vehicle to Grid Integration. Find out how to apply.

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