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Matthew Ringer

Laboratory Program Manager II-Chemical Engineering

Name Position Email Phone
Akar, Sertac Energy Analyst / Systems Engineer 303-275-3725
Al-Jassim, Mowafak Contingent Worker-Emeritus Researcher 303-384-6602
Allen, Jeff Researcher III-Applied Mathematics 303-384-6746
Appukuttan, Sreejith Researcher II-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-7121
Atnoorkar, Swaroop Researcher II-Decision Support Analysis 303-275-4216
Avery, Greg Researcher III-Decision Support Analysis 303-275-3175
Beach, Ryan Researcher III-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-6949
Becker, William Researcher IV-Model Engineering 303-384-7544
Beckham, Gregg Senior Research Fellow I-Chemical Engineering 303-384-7806
Bench Reese, Samantha Senior Engineer/Analyst 303-275-3062
Benne, Kyle Researcher V-Software Engineering 303-275-4603
Berrie, Jennifer Project Manager III-Research Support 303-275-3629
Bhatt, Arpit Researcher IV-Chemical Engineering 303-275-4613
Bussard, Jeremy Research Technician III-Operate 303-630-5326
Carpenter, Birdie Researcher V-Environmental Engineering 303-275-4232
Casson, Linda Engineer - Modeling and Analysis 303-275-4671
Ciesielski, Peter Researcher V-Materials Science 303-384-7691
Cory, Karlynn Group Manager - Community Energy Transitions 303-275-3087
Crowley, Meagan Researcher II NEX-Computational Science 303-275-4858
Curley, Julia Postdoctoral Researcher-Chemical Engineering 303-630-5329
Datskos, Panos Senior Research Operations Director 303-384-7024
Day, Marc Group Manager III-Computational Science 303-275-4330
Deru, Michael Group Manager, Advanced Buildings Equipment Research 303-384-7503
Doyle, Meredith Project Manager V-Research 303-384-7466
English, Christine Researcher IV-Biological Science 303-384-7462
Engtrakul, Chaiwat Researcher III-Chemistry 303-384-6646
Evans, Emily Project Manager IV-Research Support 303-275-3125
Feng, Xuhui Researcher IV-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-4439
Finegan, Donal Researcher IV-Chemical Engineering 720-422-4787
Gagnon, Pieter Senior Energy Systems Researcher 303-275-4910
Ghosh, Tapajyoti Researcher III-Environmental Engineering 303-384-6840
Ginley, David Chief Scientist 303-384-6573
Goetsch, Heather Researcher III-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-4708
Gokhale-Welch, Carishma Partnership Development Manager 303-275-3096
Griffin, Michael Researcher V-Chemical Engineering 303-384-6205
Grout, Ray Center Director I-Technical 303-384-6447
Guthrey, Harvey Researcher IV-Physics 303-384-6232
Haegel, Nancy Research Advisor III-Materials Science 303-384-6548
Hanes, Rebecca Senior Modeling and Analysis Engineer 303-275-4397
Heath, Garvin Principal Environmental Engineer and Distinguished Member of the Research Staff 303-384-7460
Holm, Alison Project Manager IV-Research 303-384-6833
Hovsapian, Rob Research Advisor II-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-7022
Inman, Danny Group Manager II-Environmental Science 303-275-4997
Keller, Jon Researcher V-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-7011
Kern, Dana Researcher IV-Materials Science 303-275-3284
Kurup, Parthiv CSP Cost and Systems Analyst 303-275-4013
Lamers, Patrick Researcher V-Decision Support Analysis 303-384-7625
Lemmer, Kim Researcher III-Systems Engineering 303-630-5366
Ling, Jiazhen Researcher IV-Mechanical Engineering 303-630-5343
Long, Nicholas Researcher V-Software Engineering 303-384-6183
Lowder, Travis Project Manager IV-Research 303-384-7435
Macknick, Jordan Researcher V-Environmental Science 303-275-3828
Mann, Margaret Group Manager III-Supply Chain Analytics 303-275-2921
Mather, Barry Group Research Manager III-Electrical Engineering 303-275-4378
McCall, James Researcher IV-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-3759
McMillan, Colin Researcher IV-Operations Research Analysis 202-488-2251
Meixner, Debbie Project Controller IV 303-275-3709
Meyer, Paul Researcher III-Chemistry 303-275-4770
Miscall, Joel Research Technician IV-Operate 303-630-5346
Moe, Allison Project Manager III-Research 303-630-2372
Mukkamala, Saikrishna Researcher IV-Chemical Engineering 303-275-3625
Murray, Robynne Researcher IV-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-7191
Narumanchi, Sreekant Group Manager - Advanced Power Electronics and Electric Machines 303-275-4062
Nichols, Casey Researcher III-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-7167
Olis, Daniel Researcher V-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-7398
Onorato, Shaun Researcher III-Systems Engineering 303-275-3618
Popovich, Neil Researcher IV-Chemical Engineering 303-275-3074
Reed, Michelle Project Manager IV-Research 303-384-7887
Ringer, Matthew Laboratory Program Manager II-Chemical Engineering 303-275-4469
Romero, Rachel Senior Engineer and Project Lead 303-275-3908
Rorrer, Nicholas Manager and Senior Researcher - Polymer Science and Engineering 303-384-6206
Rupnowski, Peter Researcher IV-Physics 303-384-7953
Saboe, Patrick Researcher III-Chemical Engineering 303-275-4728
Saleem, Danish Researcher IV-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-384-7336
Saur, Genevieve Researcher IV-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-3783
Schoon, Ron Laboratory Program Manager II-Partnership Development 303-275-4644
Silverman, Tim Senior Scientist 303-384-7912
Sitaraman, Hariswaran Researcher IV-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-3171
Snowberg, David Researcher V-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-6920
Steward, Darlene Researcher IV-Chemical Engineering 303-275-3837
Studer, Danny Program Manager IV-Research Support 303-275-4368
Sullivan, Kevin Researcher III-Chemical Engineering 303-630-5373
Talmadge, Michael Researcher V-Chemical Engineering 303-384-7904
Tao, Ling Researcher VI-Chemical Engineering 303-384-7809
Taverna, Nicole Data Scientist 303-275-3732
Thomas, Dana-Marie Researcher II-Cyber Security & Resilience 407-575-5542
Tremolet de Villers, Bertrand Researcher IV-Chemistry 303-275-4138
Trenbath, Kim Acting Group Manager, Communities and Urban Science 303-275-3710
Truitt, Sarah Project Manager V-Research 303-275-4684
Tuttle, Robin Project Manager III-Research 303-384-6958
Uekert, Taylor Intermediate Research Analyst - Circular Economy for Energy Materials 303-630-5488
Ulsh, Michael Acting Group Manager Process Science and Engineering 303-275-3842
Upasani, Shubhankar Researcher II-Decision Support Analysis 303-384-7032
Uriarte, Caroline Project Manager IV-Research 303-275-4292
Vimmerstedt, Laura Researcher V-Systems Engineering 303-384-7346
Wachs, Liz Researcher III-Operations Research Analysis 303-630-2480
Walzberg, Julien Researcher III-Operations Research Analysis 303-384-7913
Webber, Chris IT Professional IV-Advanced Computing 303-275-4238
Weers, Jon Lead Technologist and Data Systems Architect 303-275-3701
Werner, Alli Researcher IV-Biological Science 303-275-4399
Wikoff, Hope Researcher II-Market Research Analysis 303-630-5323
Woods, Jason Researcher V-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-6189
Zakutayev, Andriy Researcher V-Physics 303-384-6467