NREL develops technical publications about its R&D activities in advanced manufacturing.

A machine labeled as the ShApe.

Techno-Economic Analysis for Shear Assisted Processing and Extrusion (ShAPE) of High Strength Aluminum Alloys

NREL collaborated with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory to perform a techno-economic analysis and manufacturing analysis on shear-assisted processing and extrusion. These analyses quantify the potential cost and energy reductions of the process compared to today’s conventional extrusion methods.

A gloved hand bending a small piece of translucent plastic.

Design Principles for Intrinsically Circular Polymers with Tunable Properties

A discussion, co-authored by researchers at Colorado State University, Northwestern University, and NREL, of design principles of next-generation intrinsically circular polymers and an assessment of the opportunities and challenges inherent in their role in a circular plastics economy.

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