NREL develops technical publications about its R&D activities in advanced manufacturing.

Two hands wearing green gloves holding raw samples of dried PET plastic substrates.

Mixed Plastics Waste Valorization Through Tandem Chemical Oxidation and Biological Funneling

Researchers from NREL and elsewhere establish a strategy for the selective conversion of mixed plastics waste into useful chemical products.

Solar panels in the foreground with mountains in the background.

Embodied Energy and Carbon From the Manufacture of Cadmium Telluride and Silicon Photovoltaics

NREL examine the amount of energy and greenhouse gas emissions required to manufacture two dominant types of photovoltaics and present opportunities to reduce them.

A researcher wearing a white lab coat working on a three-layer slide coating model.

Roll to Roll (R2R) Manufacturing of Electrolysis Electrodes for Low Cost Hydrogen Production

NREL and two other national labs show feasibility for cost reduction of an electrode, which could result in more affordable hydrogen production.

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