Research Staff

Find contact information and biographies for NREL hydrogen and fuel cells research staff.

Keith Wipke

Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technologies LPM

Keith Wipke is the laboratory program manager for the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technologies Program at NREL. The program covers all aspects of hydrogen and fuel cells—from hydrogen production with renewables to end-use application of fuel cells.

Name Position Email Phone
Alia, Shaun Researcher V-Chemical Engineering 303-275-3748
Bender, Guido Researcher VI-Electrical Engineering 303-275-3810
Chung, Mark Team Lead - Hydrogen Systems Analysis 303-384-6404
Deutsch, Todd Researcher V-Chemistry 303-275-3727
Dinh, Huyen Group Research Manager III-Chemical Engineering 303-275-3605
Gennett, Thomas University Professor 303-384-6628
Harrison, Kevin Researcher VI-Chemical Engineering 303-384-7864
Khandavalli, Sunilkumar Researcher III-Chemistry 303-384-7239
Koleva, Masha Researcher III-Chemical Engineering 303-384-6115
Kuroki, Taichi Researcher IV-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-3877
Kurtz, Jennifer Center Director I-Technical 303-275-4061
Leighton, Daniel Researcher IV-Systems Engineering 303-275-4180
Mann, Margaret Lead, Clean Energy Supply Chain and EV Storage Analysis 303-275-2921
Mauger, Scott Researcher V-Chemical Engineering 303-384-7371
Nagasawa, Kazunori Researcher III-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-7170
Onorato, Shaun Researcher III-Systems Engineering 303-275-3618
Pivovar, Bryan Senior Research Fellow I-Materials Science 303-275-3809
Rupnowski, Peter Researcher IV-Physics 303-384-7953
Saur, Genevieve Researcher IV-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-3783
Sprik, Sam Researcher V-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-4431
Ulsh, Michael Acting Group Manager Process Science and Engineering 303-275-3842
Van Cleve, Tim Researcher III-Materials Science 303-275-3056
Van De Lagemaat, Jao Center Director II-Technical 303-384-6143
Wipke, Keith Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technologies LPM 303-275-4451
Young, James L. Researcher IV-Chemistry 303-275-4456