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NREL's hydrogen and fuel cell research supports the development and adoption of cost-effective, high-performance fuel cell systems and sustainable hydrogen technologies for transportation and other applications.

Photo of a researcher in a laboratory running a test on a fuel cell test stand.

Fuel Cells

Lowering the cost and improving the performance and durability of fuel cell technologies

Photo of a man working with a hydrogen electrolyzer in a laboratory

Hydrogen Production and Delivery

Developing advanced processes to produce hydrogen economically from sustainable resources

Photo of a laboratory apparatus to measure thermal conductivity

Hydrogen Storage

Characterizing hydrogen storage material properties and developing and analyzing hydrogen storage system configurations

Photo of a small-scale manufacturing web line in a laboratory


Improving quality-inspection practices for high-volume manufacturing processes to increase reliability and lower costs

Photo of a fuel cell electric vehicle next to a hydrogen fueling station

Market Transformation

Addressing barriers to hydrogen and fuel cell technology commercialization

Photo of a researcher working with sensor testing equipment in a laboratory

Safety, Codes, and Standards

Ensuring safe operation, handling, and use of hydrogen and related systems

Photo of three researchers looking at a 3-D visualization

Systems Analysis

Providing direction, insight, and support for R&D, demonstration, and deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies

Photo of two researchers looking at a device that measures the performance of hydrogen station equipment

Technology Validation

Collecting and analyzing real-world data to show the status and progress of hydrogen and fuel cell components and systems

NREL's hydrogen and fuel cell research bridges technologies via partnerships with other NREL teams:

Transportation | Bioenergy | Chemistry and Nanoscience | Energy Analysis | Energy Systems Integration Facility