H2FAST: Hydrogen Financial Analysis Scenario Tool

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The Hydrogen Financial Analysis Scenario Tool, H2FAST, provides a quick and convenient in-depth financial analysis for hydrogen fueling stations.

H2FAST is available as a downloadable Excel spreadsheet. This version offers basic and advanced user interface modes for modeling individual stations or groups of up to 10 stations. It provides users with detailed annual finance projections in the form of income statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheets; graphical presentation of financial performance parameters for 65 common metrics; life-cycle cost breakdown for each analysis scenario; and common ratio analysis results such as debt/equity position, return on equity, and debt service coverage ratio.

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The H2FAST base case model and three generic analysis examples are available for download as Microsoft Excel files. Email registration is required.

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H2FAST Documentation

H2FAST Spreadsheet Tool User's Manual (DRAFT)

Webinar: Hydrogen Financial Analysis Scenario Tool (H2FAST) Model Summary and Demonstration

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Send questions or feedback about H2FAST to H2FAST@nrel.gov.