H2A-Lite: Hydrogen Analysis Lite Production Model

NREL's Hydrogen Analysis Lite Production (H2A-Lite) model provides a convenient, high-level techno-economic view of select hydrogen production technologies.

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Simplifying Hydrogen Production Analysis

Within H2A-Lite, users can provide a minimal number of inputs—such as hydrogen production technology of choice —to produce estimates about characteristic scale, capital, and operations. Price projections for energy and feedstock are based on the Energy Information Administration's Annual Energy Outlook 2022, AEO2022 Reference case. The model additionally allows users to override technology default values to adapt to specific technology scales or regional energy prices. As output, H2A-Lite provides cost breakdown from rigorous financial analysis as well as greenhouse gas and criteria pollutant emissions characteristics.

Model Component Tabs

H2A-Lite Tab

The H2A-Lite tab allows users to select production and supply chain technologies of interest, manipulate key cost and performance parameters, and examine cost and emissions results.

Interface Tab

The Interface tab gives users access to more detailed financing and incentive modeling capabilities.

Overrides Tab

The Overrides tab allows users to provide annual time series details for feedstock cost, use, equipment utilization and more.

Report Tables Tab

The Report Tables tab provides a detailed financial articulation of the selected technology in terms of annual projected income statements, cash flow statements and balance sheets.

Comprehensive Parameters

H2A-Lite's advanced interface provides risk analysis based on user-defined distributions of input values. The user input options offer additional in-depth parameters to enable full customization of model assumptions. Parameters include comprehensive aspects of hydrogen fueling financing, including capital structure, discount rates, feedstock cost escalation, and taxation.


The model is designed in Microsoft Excel for PCs. Functionality is not guaranteed on a Mac.


This model was authored by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, operated by Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC, for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) under Contract No. DE-AC36-08GO28308. Funding for algorithm development was provided by the U.S. DOE Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office under manager Neha Rustagi.

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