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Early Fuel Cell Market Demonstration Composite Data Products

The following composite data products (CDPs) focus on early fuel cell market demonstrations.

Learn more about NREL's evaluation of early fuel cell market demonstrations.

Material Handling Equipment Demonstrations

Fueling Events by Quarter, CDP MHE 103, 3/31/2015

Hydrogen Dispensed by Quarter, CDP MHE 104, 3/31/2015

Refueling Time of Day, CDP MHE 105, 3/30/2016

Histogram of Fueling Times, CDP MHE 106, 3/31/2016

Tank Pressure Level at Fueling, CDP MHE 107, 3/31/2016

Histogram of Fueling Rates, CDP MHE 109, 3/31/2016

Histogram of Fueling Amounts, CDP MHE 110, 3/31/2016

Average Daily Dispensing Operations by Site, CDP MHE 122, 3/31/2015

Refuel Events by Day of Week, CDP MHE 135, 3/31/2016

Tank Cycling Frequency, CDP MHE 136, 3/31/2016

Amount of Hydrogen Dispensed by Day of Week, CDP MHE 142, 3/31/2016

Final Pressure of Hydrogen Fills, CDP MHE 162, 3/31/2016

Details of Back-to-Back Fills, CDP MHE 165, 3/31/2016

Fill Counts per Hours, CDP MHE 168, 3/31/2016

Fill Amount per Hour, CDP MHE 169, 3/31/2016

ARRA-Funded Material Handling Equipment Demonstrations

Overview of ARRA MHE Sites, CDP ARRA MHE 40, 3/28/2012

Fuel Cell Maintenance by Category, CDP ARRA MHE 12, 3/27/2012

Scheduled and Unscheduled FC Maintenance, CDP ARRA MHE 13, 3/26/2012

Fuel Cell Maintenance by Quarter, CDP ARRA MHE 14, 3/26/2012

Fuel Cell Safety Reports by Severity, CDP ARRA MHE 27, 3/27/2012

MHE Hydrogen Leaks by Equipment Type, CDP ARRA MHE 53, 3/26/2012

MHE Mean Time Between Safety Reports, CDP ARRA MHE 56, 3/27/2012

Equipment Category of Safety Reports, CDP ARRA MHE 57, 3/26/2012

MHE Maintenance Event by Mode, CDP ARRA MHE 61, 3/28/2012

Component Repair Time, CDP ARRA MHE 76, 4/14/2014

Equipment Percentage of Monthly Repair Labor Hours, CDP ARRA MHE 77, 4/14/2014

MHE Maintenance Labor Hours, CDP ARRA MHE 43, 3/26/2012

Infrastructure Reliability Growth, CDP ARRA MHE 45, 4/1/2014

MHE Availability, CDP ARRA MHE 54, 3/16/2012

Backup Power Demonstrations

Fuel Cell Early Market Demonstrations

Units in Operation, CDP EM 02, 4/24/2014

Locations, CDP EM 03, 4/25/2014

ARRA-Funded Fuel Cell Early Market Demonstrations