Read announcements for NREL’s high-performance computing (HPC) system users. 

Kestrel Delay and Changes to Eagle and Kestrel Allocations

Dec. 21, 2022

We were recently notified that delivery of the CPU nodes for Kestrel has been delayed by one quarter due to ongoing supply chain disruptions.   As a result of this delay, Kestrel will not be available for use until the start of FY23 Q4 instead of the original plan for Q3 availability.

Reminder of Eagle Data Storage Policies for FY22 projects that ended on 9/30/2022

Dec. 21, 2022

Eagle usage policies can be found on the Policies page.

Users are always strongly encouraged to remove any data on Eaglefs that is not needed, to benefit other users of this shared resource. Eaglefs consists of /shared-projects, /datasets, /scratch and /projects.

In summary, data in /projects for allocations that ended on 9/30/2022 will be purged after 12/31/2022.

Globus Software Update Required

Dec. 21, 2022

On December 12th, 2022, the Globus service is updating its Certificate Authority, and will require a mandatory software update to continue using Globus Connect Personal endpoints. Opening the endpoint software on your computer should prompt you to install the update, or contact your local ITS support for assistance.

HPC Office Hours

Dec. 21, 2022

HPC office hours are being held remotely via Teams on a bi-weekly basis alternating between Tuesday and Thursday at 11am. Please see the NREL HPC Training page: NREL HPC Training page.

Eagle Return to Service Announcement

Dec. 8, 2022

Electrical upgrades to the ESIF data center to prepare for Kestrel were successful, and power has been restored.

HPC Power Outage: December 5th-9th

Nov. 10, 2022

On December 5th, 2022, the NREL HPC data center will be powering down due to the installation of new electrical switching equipment. This upgrade will increase the electrical capacity of the data center in order to support the upcoming Kestrel cluster.

New to HPC - Get Help

Oct. 16, 2022

Support and Help Contact information and sites available in this announcement.

CSC Tutorials Team and Channels

Oct. 16, 2022

Staff in the Computational Science Center host multiple tutorials and workshops on various computational science topics throughout the year, such as Visualization, Cloud, HPC, and others. 

In Microsoft Teams, a “Computational Sciences Tutorials” public team was just created to be the hub for all such tutorials and workshops.  Benefits to using the the team include the following:

FY23 HPC Allocation Requests Process Status

Oct. 16, 2022

FY23 HPC Allocation Requests Process Status. Please review this letter, provided  August 24, 2022 by email, to project teams which submitted an FY23 HPC allocation.

Eagle Fiscal Year Changeover

Oct. 16, 2022

The changeover from FY22 to FY23 will happen on Eagle at 12:00am on Saturday, October 1st.