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Security and Resilience

NREL develops tools and solutions to enable a more resilient, reliable, and secure electric grid.

Photo of researchers working on a computer setup.

The security and resilience of the electric grid is an increasingly high-priority topic in the United States. It's largely driven by the increasing volume of new distributed generation—including renewable energy—and storage coming online at the transmission, distribution, and consumer premises levels.

As part of the U.S. Department of Energy's Grid Modernization Initiative and Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium, NREL collaborates with industry, academia, and other research organizations to find solutions to improve the ability of the grid to identify, anticipate, detect, protect against, and respond to threats and hazards.

Learn more about NREL's work in cybersecurity and resilient energy systems.


John Barnett

Director, Energy Security and Resilience Center | 303-384-7469