Energy Security and Resilience

NREL researchers are working to mitigate threats to today’s energy infrastructure and provide a pathway to a more secure and resilient energy future.

Researchers in cybersecurity visualization lab evaluating a virtual grid environment.

The security and resilience of the electric grid is an increasingly high-priority topic in the United States. With global trends showing greater reliance on energy-consuming technologies, intensifying weather events, and greater levels of distributed energy, NREL researchers are working to improve our understanding on the interconnected issues of grid security and resilience.

NREL’s research in energy security and resilience is focused on:

  • Improving the current understanding of potential energy service disruption and their consequences
  • Improving energy security under different scenarios, by continuing to provide energy services and protect energy systems when human or natural disruptions occur
  • Developing more resilient energy systems.

Cybersecurity for the Future Electric Grid

NREL’s cybersecurity research includes evaluation of both software and hardware, vulnerability analysis on real power and emulated grid systems, and technology development for distributed energy security.

Energy System Resilience

NREL offers a wide range of energy resilience services for disaster planning and recovery, microgrid resilience, and more.


John Barnett

Director, Energy Security and Resilience Center