Power Systems Design and Studies

NREL develops tools, algorithms, and methods for modeling, simulating, and designing the electric power system at all scales. This includes market design and performance evaluations and planning, operations, and protection studies.

Photo of two researchers looking at a screen showing a distribution grid map

Current design and planning tools for the electric grid cannot handle uncertainty, rely on simplifying the underlying physics of power systems, and are typically run on desktop personal computers or mdall servers. NREL is tackling this challenge by leveraging the lab's high-performance computing capabilities to accommodate the increasing complexity of the grid.


Featured Studies

Eastern Renewable Generation Integration Study

The largest-ever simulation of the electric grid using the power of high-performance computing.

Western Wind and Solar Integration Study

Exploring whether we can integrate large amounts of wind and solar into the U.S. western electric grid.

Hawaii Solar and Wind Integration Studies

Studying the effects of high penetrations of renewables on Hawaiian island grids.

North American Renewable Integration Study

Analyzing pathways to modernize the North American power system.

Carbon-Free Resource Integration Study

Investigating the impacts of carbon-free generation on electric power systems.


Bryan Palmintier

Group Manager, Electrical Engineering