Grid Technologies and Systems

NREL develops and evaluates technologies and systems that enable electric grids to function more efficiently, integrate more renewable energy, and be more resilient and secure under all operating conditions.

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Integrated Energy Pathways

This research aligns with one of NREL's critical objectives.

NREL research focuses on devices and systems at the transmission and distribution levels. Specific grid technologies that NREL researchers are evaluating include:

  • Energy generation technologies (such as solar photovoltaics, wind turbines, fuel cells, and microturbines)
  • Hybrid energy generation technologies that combine the features of individual technologies for optimized value
  • Storage technologies (such as batteries, flywheels, and thermal storage)
  • Delivery technologies (such as conductors and transformers)
  • Consumption technologies (such as electric vehicles; building loads; lighting; and heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems).

As networks of devices, integrated systems are physically connected and linked by control systems and markets—such as in microgrid, distribution, and bulk-power systems.



Barry Mather

Manager, Integrated Devices and Systems Group