Autonomous Energy Grids Workshop

NREL's Autonomous Energy Grids Workshop, held Sept. 13–14, 2017, brought together experts in nonlinear control theory, optimization theory, big data analytics, and complex systems simulation to discuss autonomous energy grid research needs.

Access presentations from the workshop using the links below, or read Basic Research Needs for Autonomous Energy Grids: Summary Report of the Workshop on Autonomous Energy Grids: September 13–14, 2017.

Peter Green, NREL

Autonomous Energy Grids
Ben Kroposki, NREL

Big Data Analytics for Autonomous Energy Grids
Georgios Giannakis, University of Minnesota

Data Analytics and Distributed Systems Technology for Autonomous Energy Grids
David Culler, University of California, Berkeley

Autonomous Energy Grid Optimization
Steven Low, Caltech

Optimization Theory
Angelia Nedich, Arizona State University

Distributed Control Design for Balancing the Grid Using Flexible Loads
Sean Meyn, University of Florida

Controller Architectures: Tradeoffs between Performance and Complexity
Mihailo Jovanovic, University of Southern California

State Estimation following Cyber Attacks on the Power Grid
Gil Zussman, Columbia University

State of the Automation and Closed Loop Contingency Alleviation
Daniel Kirschen, University of Washington

Autonomous Energy Grids: Bringing Everything Together
Ian Hiskens, University of Michigan