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Renewable Energy Data, Analysis, and Decisions: A Guide for Practitioners, NREL Technical Report (2018)

Techno-Economic Renewable Energy Potential on Tribal Lands, NREL Technical Report (2018)

U.S. Renewable Energy Technical Potentials: A GIS-Based Analysis, NREL Technical Report (2012)

2016 Offshore Wind Energy Resource Assessment for the United States, NREL Technical Report (2016)

Transportation of Large Wind Components: A Review of Existing Geospatial Data, NREL Technical Report (2016)

Development of a MODIS-Derived Surface Albedo Data Set: An Improved Model Input for Processing the NSRDB, NREL Technical Report (2016)

Using GIS-Based Methods and Lidar Data To Estimate Rooftop Solar Technical Potential in US Cities, Environmental Research Letters (2017)

High-Level Overview of Data Needs for RE Analysis, NREL Presentation (2016)

An Estimate of Shallow, Low-Temperature Geothermal Resources of the United States, 40th GRC Annual Meeting (2016)

High-Level Overview of Data Needs for RE Analysis, NREL Presentation (2016)

Understanding the Temporal and Spatial Variability of New Generation Gridded TMYs, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers Annual Conference (2016)

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