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Last Updated: November 2018

Algae Production via Open Pond Cultivation: NREL Algae Farm Model (Excel TEA Tool)

Contacts: Ryan Davis and Jennifer Clippinger

2016 Algae Farm Design Report of Davis et al. [PDF]

NREL 2017 Biochemical Sugar Model

Contacts: Ling Tao and Ryan Davis

Process Design for Biochemical Conversion of Biomass to Ethanol (2002 and 2011 Design Reports)

Contacts: Ling Tao and Ryan Davis

2011 Design Report of Humbird et al. [PDF]

DW1102A — Files supporting the 2011 Design Report

Tables in the spreadsheet may differ slightly from those in the report due to small errors corrected after publication.

DW1107A – Direct Port of DW1102A to Aspen Plus V7.3

DW1111A – Based on DW1107A with dependencies on NIST property databank removed. Results are slightly different from the above versions.

2002 Design Report of Aden et al. [PDF]

I0203I — files directly supporting the 2002 Design Report

J0601A — updated to use AspenOne 2004 (both from command line & GUI)

E0602A — updated to use HIERARCHY structure & AspenOne 2004 (both from command line & GUI)

Biochem Supporting Files

Simplified Biomass to Ethanol Process Model

Co-Located Corn Stover to Ethanol with Corn Dry Mill

Link to design report (pdf format)

Wood to Hydrogen Using Indirectly-Heated Gasifier

Contact: Abhijit Dutta

Link to design report (pdf format) Design for "Current" Tar Reforming Technology

Design for "Goal" Tar Reforming Technology

Supporting Files

Biodiesel LCA

Report: Life Cycle Inventory of Biodiesel and Petroleum Diesel for Use in an Urban Bus

TEAM files

Wood to Mixed Alcohols

Contact: Abhijit Dutta

Link to report (pdf format)

Supporting Files

Ex Situ and In Situ Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis Models

Contact: Abhijit Dutta

Simplified ex situ and in situ catalytic fast pyrolysis models based on the 2015 Design Report of Dutta et al.

The following models are distributed under the GNU General Public License. You will need a separate license to use the Aspen Plus and Microsoft Excel software packages in order to run the models.

Ex Situ

 In Situ