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Liddell Power Station

Novatec’s 9 MWth solar boiler acts as a fuel-saver by feeding steam into the existing coal fired power station and reducing the coal required to operate the facility. The replacement of coal by the solar boiler will cut greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 5,000 tonnes per annum.

Status Date: March 20, 2017
Project Overview
Project Name: Liddell Power Station
Country: Australia
Location: Liddell
(New South Walles)
Owner(s): Macquarie Generation (100%)
Technology: Linear Fresnel reflector
Turbine Capacity: Net: 3.0 MW Gross: 3.0 MW
Status: Currently Non-Operational
Start Year: 2012

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Technology: Linear Fresnel reflector
Status: Currently Non-Operational
Country: Australia
City: Liddell
Region: New South Walles
Lat/Long Location: 32°22′ 34.0″ South, 150°58′ 48.0″ East
Electricity Generation: 13,550 MWh/yr
Generation Data Explanation: thermal megawatts-hour
Contact(s): Webmaster Solar
Company: Novatec Solar
Break Ground: January 2011
Start Production: October 2012
Project Type: Commercial
Incentives: $9.25 million from the NSW Government Climate Change Fund Renewable Energy Development Program


Developer(s): Novatec Solar
Owner(s) (%): Macquarie Generation (100%)
EPC Contractor: Novatec Solar
Operator(s): Macquarie Generation
Generation Offtaker(s): Australian National Electricity Market

Plant Configuration

Solar Field

Solar-Field Aperture Area: 18,490 m²
# of Lines: 4
Line Length: 403 m
Collector Manufacturer (Model) : Novatec Solar (Nova-1)
Collector Description: Fresnel
Mirror Manufacturer : Novatec Solar
Receiver Manufacturer : Novatec Solar
Heat-Transfer Fluid Type: Water/Steam
Solar-Field Inlet Temp: 140°C
Solar-Field Outlet Temp: 270°C

Power Block

Turbine Capacity (Gross): 3.0 MW
Turbine Capacity (Net): 3.0 MW
Turbine Description: The 9 MWth solar boiler feeds steam into the existing 2000 MW coal-fired power station
Power Cycle Pressure: 55.0 bar
Cooling Method: Dry cooling
Cooling Method Description: Air-cooled condensers
Design-Point Conditions: 270ºC, 55 bar, 9.3 MWth peak thermal output

Thermal Storage

Storage Type: None