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Martin Next Generation Solar Energy Center

The Martin Next Generation Solar Energy Center is the second largest solar facility in the world and the largest solar plant of any kind outside of California. The facility is the first hybrid facility in the world to connect a solar facility to an existing combined-cycle power plant, providing 75 megawatts of solar thermal capacity in an innovative way that directly displaces fossil fuel usage. The project consists of up to about 200,000 mirrors over about 500 acres at the existing FPL Martin Plant site.

Status Date: January 25, 2013
Project Overview
Project Name: Martin Next Generation Solar Energy Center (MNGSEC)
Country: United States
Location: Indiantown, Florida
(South Florida)
Owner(s): Florida Power & Light Co. (100%)
Technology: Parabolic trough
Turbine Capacity: Net: 75.0 MW Gross: 75.0 MW
Status: Operational
Start Year: 2010

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Technology: Parabolic trough
Status: Operational
Country: United States
City: Indiantown
State: Florida
County: Martin
Region: South Florida
Lat/Long Location: 27°3′ 13.0″ North, 80°33′ 46.0″ West
Land Area: 500 acres
Electricity Generation: 155,000 MWh/yr (Estimated)
Contact(s): John Gnecco; Cindy Tindell
Company: Florida Power & Light Company
Key References: Web site
Web site
Break Ground: January 2009
Start Production: December 2010
Cost (approx): 476,300,000 USD
Cost Info Source: FPSC filing


Developer(s): Florida Power & Light Co.
Owner(s) (%): Florida Power & Light Co. (100%)
EPC Contractor: Lauren Engineers & Constructors
Operator(s): Florida Power & Light Co.
Generation Offtaker(s): Florida Power & Light Co.

Plant Configuration

Solar Field

Solar-Field Aperture Area: 464,908 m²
# of Solar Collector Assemblies (SCAs): 1,136
# of Loops: 142
# of SCAs per Loop: 8
SCA Length: 72 m
# of Modules per SCA: 6
SCA Manufacturer (Model): Gossamer Space Frames (LAT 1)
HCE Manufacturer (Model): Solel (UVAC 2008)
Heat-Transfer Fluid Type: Dowtherm A

Power Block

Turbine Capacity (Gross): 75.0 MW
Turbine Capacity (Net): 75.0 MW
Output Type: Steam Rankine
Cooling Method: Wet cooling

Thermal Storage

Storage Type: None