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Nevada Solar One

This page provides information on Nevada Solar One, a concentrating solar power (CSP) project, with data organized by background, participants, and power plant configuration. Acciona Energy's Nevada Solar One is the third largest CSP plant in the world and the first plant built in the United States since 1999. Located in Boulder City, Nevada, about 40 miles southeast of Las Vegas, this parabolic trough system has been operating since June 2007. The US$260 million plant has a nominal production capacity of 64 megawatts with a maximum capacity of 70 megawatts. All of the plant’s electricity, which can power more than 14,000 households annually, is being sold to Nevada Energy under a long-term power purchase agreement.

Status Date: September 7, 2011
Photo of rows of parabolic troughs from a low aerial perspective. Several sections of up to 20 rows of long troughs are segmented by access roads.
Project Overview
Project Name: Nevada Solar One (NSO)
Country: United States
Location: Boulder City, Nevada
Owner(s): Acciona Energía (100%)
Technology: Parabolic trough
Turbine Capacity: Net: 72.0 MW Gross: 75.0 MW
Status: Operational
Start Year: 2007

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Technology: Parabolic trough
Status: Operational
Country: United States
City: Boulder City
State: Nevada
County: Clark
Lat/Long Location: 35°48′ North, 114°59′ West
Land Area: 400 acres
Solar Resource: 2,606 kWh/m2/yr
Source of Solar Resource: Las Vegas TMY2 Data
Electricity Generation: 134,000 MWh/yr (Expected/Planned)
Contact(s): Asun Padrós
Company: Acciona Energía
Break Ground: February 2006
Start Production: June 2007
Cost (approx): 266,000,000 USD
Construction Job-Years: 350
Annual O&M Jobs: 30
PPA/Tariff Period: 20 years
Incentives: 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC, 5-year MACRS)


Developer(s): Acciona Solar Power
Owner(s) (%): Acciona Energía (100%)
EPC Contractor: Lauren Engineering
Operator(s): Acciona Solar Power
Generation Offtaker(s): NV Energy

Plant Configuration

Solar Field

Solar-Field Aperture Area: 357,200 m²
# of Solar Collector Assemblies (SCAs): 760
# of SCAs per Loop: 8
SCA Aperture Area: 470 m²
SCA Length: 100 m
SCA Manufacturer (Model): Acciona Solar Power (SGX-2)
Mirror Manufacturer: Flabeg
# of Heat Collector Elements (HCEs): 18,240
HCE Manufacturer: Schott/Solel
Heat-Transfer Fluid Type: DOWTHERM A
HTF Company: Dow Chemical
Solar-Field Inlet Temp: 318°C
Solar-Field Outlet Temp: 393°C
Solar-Field Temp Difference: 75°C

Power Block

Turbine Capacity (Gross): 75.0 MW
Turbine Capacity (Net): 72.0 MW
Cooling Method: Wet cooling

Thermal Storage

Storage Capacity: 0.5 hour(s)
Thermal Storage Description: 0.5 hours full-load storage