Style Guide

The NREL Style Guide is an essential tool for preparing publications, including websites, at the laboratory. It features formatting, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and language guidelines.

Why Use This Guide?

This guide promotes the accuracy, consistency, and professionalism required for effectively communicating NREL's capabilities and accomplishments in research and development. Ultimately, it supports the laboratory's mission and core values by upholding NREL's standards for quality and excellence.

How To Use This Guide

Consult this guide first when you develop or edit a publication or website for NREL. The entries are listed in alphabetical order. You can also use the index to search for entries by topic, or you may view the full text and do a ctrl+F search for your term.

If you can't find an entry on a subject or topic, consult these style and reference guides in the following order:

The Associated Press Stylebook 

Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary

The Chicago Manual of Style.

These resources are updated periodically; consult the online versions for the latest editions. If you still can't find an answer after consulting these guides, please contact your communications representative for guidance.

Learn more about the resources used to develop the NREL Style Guide in the bibliography.