NREL Report Template

The NREL report template helps authors and editors write and format technical and subcontract reports consistent with the NREL Style Guide.

Write New Reports

Authors can save time writing new reports by using the common elements and styles in the report template.

The template includes instructions and examples for using report elements such as a table of contents, headings, figures, captions, and references.

Format Existing Reports

Editors can save time formatting documents by attaching the template styles to existing technical and subcontract reports.

Learn about installing and using the styles macro, and see our formatting tips.

Create an NREL Report Cover 

NREL authors and editors can find NREL cover templates on NREL's internal Publishing website. The cover templates are not available to those outside of the NREL network.

Get Help

For questions about the template, contact Rachel Weisbruch.

Sample Report

Shows authors and editors the elements of technical and subcontract reports

Report Template

Helps authors write reports with common elements using consistent styles

Styles Macro

Helps editors attach the template styles to existing reports to format

Technical Report Template Tutorials

Watch short videos on applying the NREL report template or styles macro.