You can use bulleted or numbered lists in NREL publications or webpages. Here's an example of a numbered list:

  1. Include at least two items in a bulleted or numbered list.

  2. Use numbered lists for procedural steps and for items referred to elsewhere in text (for example, "as described in Step 2").

  3. Use parallel construction in lists; that is, make all the listed items similar. Use sentences or phrases throughout, and begin each item with a verb or a noun consistently.

    1. Use lowercase letters to mark subordinate items in your list.

    2. Make sure you have at least two subordinate items under each main item.

    3. Indent them like this.

  4. Use punctuation in lists when the items are complete sentences; otherwise, place a period after the last item only.

You can also list a few items or procedures in paragraph format and number them (1) one, (2) two, (3) three, etc. See bullets for more formatting information.

On the Web

All of the above guidelines apply to the web. When formatting lists on the web, there should be a blank line between the text above the list and the first item listed. To facilitate scanning, consider adding a blank line between each listed item when the text for each one is long.