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Google Earth and Google Maps

When using satellite images from Google Earth and terrain images from Google Maps, include attribution to Google, which is included in Google images with copyright notices such as "© 2009 Google, Map Data © 2009 Tele Atlas." The Google logo and attribution text can be removed if they are added elsewhere within the image content.

In print, if attribution cannot be placed on the image or map, separate attribution text must be provided directly adjacent to it.

In video, attribution must appear on-screen for the duration of the time the map or image is shown; including attribution in end credits only does not suffice.

If the Google Earth image is altered (e.g., text or graphics are added), the image is legal only if Google Earth software is used to make the alteration and correct attribution is included. Any other alteration of the image using any other software is strictly prohibited.

Derivative works cannot be created. For example, NREL cannot combine multiple static map images to show a larger map.