Regional Energy Deployment System Model Research Staff

The ReEDS model is developed and exercised by an interdisciplinary team of energy experts.

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Photo of Maxwell Brown

Maxwell Brown

Senior Energy Systems Modeler

Maxwell holds a Ph.D. in mineral and energy economics. His research focuses on developing, calibrating, and linking large-scale energy system and economic models.

Photo of Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown

Model Engineer

Maxwell holds a Ph.D. in physics. His research focuses on improving the representation of renewable energy, transmission, and energy storage in long-term power system planning models to support rapid decarbonization.


Vincent Carag

Model Engineer

Vincent earned his M.S. in renewable energy.

Photo of Ilya Chernyakhovskiy

Ilya Chernyakhovskiy

Energy Analyst

Ilya has an M.S. in resource economics from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. His work focuses on renewable energy grid integration.

Photo of Stuart Cohen

Stuart Cohen

Senior Energy Analyst

Stuart has a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering with a background in energy systems analysis and optimization. His work includes the study of energy-water interactions, climate impacts, energy-economy relationships, and hydropower.

Photo of Wesley Cole

Wesley Cole

Senior Energy Analyst

Wesley earned his Ph.D. in chemical engineering and focuses on renewable energy integration, battery storage market potential, and the impacts of high solar penetration futures.

Photo of Bethany Frew

Bethany Frew

Senior Energy Analyst

Bethany holds a Ph.D. in civil and environmental engineering and leverages expertise in planning and operational modeling to analyze wholesale market operations, power system reliability, and grid integration impacts of renewable energy resources.

Photo of Pieter Gagnon

Pieter Gagnon

Energy Analyst

Pieter holds an M.S. in mechanical engineering and focuses his research on the design of retail electricity rates and compensation mechanism for distributed energy technologies.

Photo of Anne Hamilton

Anne Hamilton

Model Engineer

Anne holds an M.S. in electrical engineering and focuses her research on capacity expansion modeling and policy analysis for the electric power sector.

Photo of Jonathan Ho

Jonathan Ho

Energy Analyst

Jonathan has an M.S.E. in environmental engineering with a focus on capacity expansion modeling. His areas of research include renewable resource integration, pathways to a cleaner grid, and continental-scale modeling.

Photo of Paige Jadun

Paige Jadun

Energy Analyst

Paige has an M.S.E. in industrial and operations engineering. Her work focuses on energy systems modeling related to sustainable transportation, hydrogen production and utilization, and electrification.

Photo of Trieu Mai

Trieu Mai

Senior Energy Analyst

Trieu holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics and leads research in a wide range of energy topics, including renewable grid integration, clean energy policy, economic and environmental impacts, and high renewable penetrations.

Photo of Caitlin Murphy

Caitlin Murphy

Senior Energy Analyst

Caitlin holds a Ph.D. in geophysics, and her background lies in federal energy policy development and implementation. Her research interests include evaluating how energy policies and technology innovation impact the evolution, operation, and environmental impacts of the U.S. energy system.

Photo of Amy Rose

Amy Rose

Energy Analyst

Amy has a Ph.D. in engineering systems from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her work focuses on power sector planning and production cost modeling with specific application to the India grid system.


Anna Schleifer

Model Engineer

Anna holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering.

Photo of Daniel Steinberg

Daniel Steinberg

Senior Energy Analyst

Daniel holds an M.S. in energy economics and is the Manager of the Forecasting and Modeling Group. He leads a portfolio of research applying empirical analysis and simulation techniques to explore the impacts of energy policy, regulation, and market design on the evolution of the energy system.