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Upcoming Purchasing and Subcontracting Opportunities

NREL's procurement policy is based on effective and meaningful competition. View all upcoming purchasing and subcontracting opportunities below and email the assigned contact for more information.

Recurring Products and/or Services Solicitation Time Frame Point of Contact
Banking Agreement Fall 2016
Basic IT Support Fall 2016
IT Scientific and Business Support Fall 2016
Technical & Policy Analysis for EPACT Regulated Fleet and AF Programs Winter 2016
A&E Services Winter 2017
Professional Graphic Design Services Spring 2017
Snow Removal Summer 2017
Minor Construction (projects <$1M) Fall 2017
Electrical Construction Fall 2017
Services of Leased Workers Spring 2018
Testing of Fuel and Oil Samples Spring 2018
IT Hardware, Software, Printer Products, and Support Services Spring 2018
Maintenance on Hoisting & Rigging Equipment Summer 2018
Maintenance for Standby Generators Summer 2018
Construction Project Management Services & Support Summer 2018
Maintenance of EPACT Database Winter 2018
Design/Build Agreements (projects <$1M) Spring 2019
Professional Communication Service Support
(Technical Writing, Graphics, and Video Production)
Spring 2019
Temporary Housing Spring 2019
Elevator Maintenance Summer 2019
Mechanical Construction Summer 2019
Recruitment Advertising Services Summer 2019
Testing & Inspection Services Fall 2019
Automatic Fire System & Inspection Testing Fall 2019
Refuse Collection Fall 2019
Recycling (Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Glass, and Aluminum) Fall 2019
Office Supplies Summer 2020
Moving and Storage Summer 2020

Time Frames: Winter-Jan, Feb, Mar Spring-Apr, May, Jun Summer-Jul, Aug, Sep Fall-Oct, Nov, Dec

Current Solicitations and Requests for Proposals

Current NREL solicitations and requests for proposals (RFP) are listed below.

Please check back for current postings and amendments prior to proposal due dates. For questions, email the contact person listed in the RFP document or NREL Procurement.

Search Federal Business Opportunities for additional NREL solicitations and RFPs and other active federal opportunities.

For information related to unsolicited proposals, please review DOE's National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) Guide for the Submission of Unsolicited Proposals.

Inactive Solicitations and Requests for Proposals

NREL posts inactive solicitations and requests for proposals here for 90 days following the close date.