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Upcoming Purchasing and Subcontracting Opportunities

NREL's procurement policy is based on effective and meaningful competition. View all upcoming purchasing and subcontracting opportunities below and email the assigned contact for more information.

Recurring Products and/or Services (all opportunities pending funding) Solicitation Time Frame Point of Contact
Human Resources Insurance Broker Spring 2019
Elevator Maintenance Summer 2019
Talent Acquisition/Recruitment Advertising Services Summer 2019
Automatic Fire System & Inspection Testing Fall 2019
NREL Shuttle Service Fall 2019
Recycling (Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Glass, and Aluminum) Fall 2019
Refuse Collection Fall 2019
Testing & Inspection Services Fall 2019
Testing of Fuel and Oil Samples Winter 2019
Design-Build for Minor Construction Spring 2020
Janitorial/Custodial Services Summer 2020
Moving and Storage Summer 2020
Office Supplies Summer 2020
A&E Services Spring 2022
Construction Winter 2022
Banking Agreement Fall 2023
Scientific and Business IT Services and Support Winter 2023