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Grant Gunnison – Home Electrification Deployment

Through his work with Zero Homes, Grant Gunnison makes it simple to electrify homes.

Using an app, homeowners can quickly catalog their home systems, request quotes, and schedule installation for any energy project, without an in-home visit.


Grant Gunnison

Grant Gunnison

Zero Homes

Gunnison founded Zero, a home-electrification marketplace that simplifies deployments for single-family homes. He previously developed CubeSat laser communication terminals at NASA and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and ran a general contracting business.

At West Gate, Gunnison is leveraging his residential market expertise to develop a platform to change how solutions are delivered and accelerate deployments while building out his team.

Critical Need

High-quality engineering—or "sizing"—of home energy systems is time consuming, expensive, and largely inaccessible to most homeowners. Without a solution, meaningful and needed projects remain out of reach for most homeowners.

Potential Impact

Zero Homes' software reduces the time required to get project quotes by 90%, project costs by 10%, and makes this capability accessible to everyone. Zero Homes unlocks access to the data needed to deliver high-quality engineering and automate the engineering process to reduce cost.

Innovation and Advantages

  • Zero Homes' technology delivers customers a simple, compelling value proposition that solves their loudest pain points via a highly intelligent service at one-tenth the cost and time investment than existing leading solutions.
  • It is accessible by everyone and highly scalable—critical features needed for widespread adoption.
  • Unlike in-person home visits, Zero Homes' technology allows the company to get an accurate snapshot of a home digitally, which enables Zero Homes to provide electrification plans and quotes for any home in the country.
  • Zero Homes' software leverages this data to instantly build accurate quotes to homeowners and deliver them with national reach.



Commercially ready


  • Proptech
  • Energy
  • Software
  • Residential electrification

Potential Markets

  • Single-family and small multi-family homeowners
  • Program administrators of energy efficiency and electrification programs

Looking For

  • Funding
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Employment referrals