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Andrew Gabor – Solar Panel Defect Imaging Tool

As part of the BrightSpot Automation team, Andrew Gabor delivers imaging equipment throughout the entire photovoltaic (PV) value chain to show defects in solar cells and solar panels.

BrightSpot Automation's electroluminescence, photoluminescence, and ultraviolet (UV) fluorescence systems allow customers across the panel life cycle to see problems such as cracked solar cells, failed solder joints, corrosion, delamination, shunts, and seal failures.


Andrew Gabor

Andrew Gabor

BrightSpot Automation

Gabor is the chief technology officer and director of business development at BrightSpot Automation, which provides the solar energy industry and PV researchers specialized manufacturing and measurement tools.

At West Gate, Gabor is developing new solar panel defect-imaging tools based on UV fluorescence technology and the automated analysis of solar panel and solar cell defect images through machine-learning software.

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Critical Need

The terrestrial and space PV industries need more effective, lower-cost methods of seeing defects in solar cells and solar panels at all points in the PV life cycle.

Potential Impact

BrightSpot Automation's electroluminescence, photoluminescence, and UV fluorescence tools and related software can accelerate R&D of new technologies and product development, improve yields and performance, and reduce degradations rates in the field (or space). Identifying the problems can reduce risks for manufacturers (warranty claims), insurers (insurance claims), system owners (production shortfalls, fires, worker safety), and satellite operators (failed or underpowered systems). Better identification of the problems can accelerate the adoption of superior PV technologies and help lower the levelized cost of electricity.

Innovation and Advantages

BrightSpot Automation's imaging tools provide high-quality images at a reasonable cost. The UV fluorescence tool is the first high-throughput tool in this area. Future product enhancements will include machine learning for automated defect detection, advanced analysis to extract more information from the tests, and drone integration for higher throughputs and lower costs.



  • Bench scale
  • Prototype
  • Commercially ready


Terrestrial and space PV

Potential Markets

  • Terrestrial PV industry – R&D, production, procurement, field testing, recycling
  • Space PV industry – R&D, product development, production, satellite integration

Looking For

  • Funding
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Acquisition by a larger company