Spatial Data from Transportation Studies and Surveys

To access latitude and longitude spatial data from transportation studies and surveys, submit an application for approval to connect to a restricted secure portal environment.

For a list of studies and surveys, see the cleansed data table. We also have two studies—the 2007 Traffic Flow Study on the Effects of the Interstate 35 Bridge Collapse in Minnesota and the 2017 Study on the Effects of the Interstate 85 Bridge Collapse in Georgia—that feature only spatial data.

Application Process

  1. For accessing spatial data, learn about the application and approval process.

  2. If you'd like to apply to access the spatial data, download the application forms.

  3. Submit your application forms via email to

Approved Access

After completing the application process and receiving a log-in account, you may remotely connect to the environment, which prohibits removal of sensitive data. However, the provided software tools and reference data allow users to create specialized database queries, perform detailed calculations, and conduct statistical and geographic information system analyses. Users may also request to have custom files or programs loaded for them, and to have aggregated results or reports sent directly to them.