2014 Southern Nevada Household Travel Survey

The 2014 Southern Nevada Household Travel Survey collected information from residents in the Las Vegas area to update the regional travel demand model (TDM) and assess travel behavior.

Data Collection Agency

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTCSNV) contracted with Westat to conduct the survey.


The survey was conducted in two phases—from March to May 2014 and from August to October 2014. Participants provided demographic and travel data (via a travel log). A 10% subsample (1,694 participants) was randomly selected to take part in a wearable global positioning system (GPS) technology-based component of the study, the purpose of which was to assess the level of trip under-reporting in the self-reported travel logs. Participants in the GPS portion of the study were instructed to record trips in their travel logs on the first day only, while passively recording their travel for three full days.

Survey Records

Survey records include 7,072 households.

More Information

For more information about the survey, see the RTCSNV Final Report.

Transportation Data

The RTCSNV data set contains data from 7,072 households that participated in one or more areas of the study. Each of the 7,072 households participated in the travel survey portion of the study; 938 households (2,293 persons) also completed the wearable GPS portion of the study. For details on available data and variable definitions, see the data dictionary.

Transportation data are available as zipped files. Download Winzip.

Full Survey Data

(excluding any GPS)


Data Sorted by Person

(with unfiltered GPS speed, if included)


For the study's latitude and longitude data, learn how to access the spatial data.

How to Cite the Data

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"Transportation Secure Data Center." (2017). National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Accessed Jan. 15, 2017: www.nrel.gov/tsdc.