2014–2015 Puget Sound Regional Travel Study

The 2014–2015 Puget Sound Regional Travel Study collected information about household and individual travel patterns for residents throughout a four-county region in Washington State.

Study results were used to update the region's travel and land-use models and to calibrate local traffic and travel models. The study also helped the Puget Sound Regional Council (PRSC) and its regional partners develop plans that accommodate the diverse travel needs and preferences of residents.

Data Collection Agency

The PRSC administered the study.


Global positioning system (GPS)-equipped smartphones were used to provide data pertaining to the daily travel of 547 individual participants.

Because the region's university students may have been underrepresented in the initial 2014 household travel study, the PRSC added a college-population travel survey in fall 2014. In spring 2015, a second household data collection effort was conducted to increase the frequency of data collection and to collect GPS data as well as a sample of longitudinal data from households that completed the 2014 survey.

Survey Records

Survey records include a total of 794 participants.

More Information

Learn more about the PSRC Household Travel Survey Program.

Transportation Data

For details on available travel study data and variable definitions, see the data dictionary.

Transportation data are available as zipped files. Download Winzip.

Full Survey Data

(excluding any GPS)


Data Sorted by Person

(with unfiltered GPS speed, if included)


For the study's latitude and longitude data, learn how to access the spatial data.

How to Cite the Data

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