2015 Madison County, Indiana, In the Moment Travel Study

The 2015 In the Moment Travel Study—a pilot study—captured the travel behavior and characteristics of residents in Madison County, Indiana.

Data Collection Agency

The Madison County Council of Governments administered the study.


The study—conducted in February to March 2015—used an activity sampling or "random moments" sampling approach via a smartphone application to capture travel behavior and characteristics from the survey participants. Less burdensome than traditional household travel diary surveys, which often require 20–30 minutes in one sitting, this approach included brief smartphone interactions, e.g., a few minutes per interaction, conducted multiple times a day over multiple days.

The Federal Highway Administration, Madison County Council of Governments, and Resource Systems Group Inc. conducted this proof-of-concept study with households that also participated in the 2014 Heartland in Motion household travel diary survey. Because of this, an assessment of the accuracy and completeness of the collected smartphone application data and comparisons between the "random moments" sample method and traditional household travel surveys can conceivably be drawn.

Survey Records

Survey records include a total of 505 participants.

More Information

For more information, refer to the Madison County Council of Government’s study report and the supplemental guide for reviewing datasets.

Transportation Data

For details on available travel study data and variable definitions, see the data dictionary.

Transportation data are available as zipped files. Download Winzip.

Full Survey Data

[excluding any global positioning system (GPS)]


Data Sorted by Person

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For the study's latitude and longitude data, learn how to access the spatial data.

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