2011 Atlanta and Seattle Tolling Impact Survey

The 2011 Tolling Impact Survey measured the impact of tolling on travel behavior in Atlanta, Georgia, and Seattle, Washington.

Data Collection Agency

On behalf of the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Urban Partnership Agreement, the Volpe Center conducted the survey.


The population surveyed included drivers, public transportation users, carpoolers, and vanpoolers using the I-85 corridor in Atlanta, Georgia, and the SR-520 corridor in Seattle, Washington. The survey was conducted in two phases—before and after toll implementation—to evaluate related attitude changes. The survey assessed route changes, trip timing, trip purpose, and travel mode (i.e., single-occupancy vehicle, carpool, or public transportation).

Survey Records

Study records include 10,561 participants.

More Information

For more information about the survey, see the Volpe Final Report.

Transportation Data

For details on available data and variable definitions, see the data dictionary.

Transportation data are available as zipped files. Download Winzip.

Full Survey Data

(excluding any GPS)


Full Survey Data

(excluding any GPS)


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