2017 National Household Travel Survey – Arizona Add-On

The Arizona add-on survey supplements the 2017 National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) with additional household samples and detailed travel behavior for an assigned travel day.

Data Collection Agency

The Federal Highway Administration conducted the NHTS and corresponding add-on surveys.


This survey documents the demographic, attitudinal, and travel behavior for all members of 2,987 households, as collected from April 2016 to April 2017. Daily travel details provide insight into work and school commutes, non-emergency medical trips, shopping trips, and even how travel differs in the summer and on weekends as compared to a typical weekday when school is in session. When statistically weighted to adjust for survey biases, the data demographically represents all Americans and is appropriate for analysis at the national and census region levels.

Survey Records

Survey records include a total of 6,081 participants.

Transportation Data

The NHTS Arizona add-on data package contains a demographic and socioeconomic composition of 6,081 people from 2,987 households in Arizona, as well as detailed information on the travel behavior of each household for a designated 24-hour period. The survey logged more than 258,000 vehicle miles of travel by participants during 19,779 trips.

For details on available data and variable definitions, see the data dictionary.

Transportation data are available as zipped files. Download Winzip.

Full Survey Data

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How to Cite the Data

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