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The Transportation Secure Data Center (TSDC) provides free access to detailed transportation data from a variety of travel surveys and studies. Data include global positioning system (GPS) readings for millions of miles of travel, along with vehicle characteristics and survey participant demographics.

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Cleansed Data by State and Region

Use the map to access cleansed data from transportation studies and surveys by state. These data support applications that require detailed travel distance and/or speed information, but not detailed latitude and longitude spatial data.


Survey Results

Cleansed Data by All Criteria

To browse data from transportation studies and surveys by name, agency, date, and other criteria, use our searchable and sortable data table.

Image of table with columns for study/survey name, year, state(s)/region, data collection agency, survey records, vehicles with installed GPS, participants with wearable GPS, and NREL-generated drive cycles.

Spatial Data

To access latitude and longitude spatial data from transportation studies and surveys, you'll need to submit an application.

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