EVI-FAST: Electric Vehicle Infrastructure – Financial Analysis Scenario Tool

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The Electric Vehicle Infrastructure – Financial Analysis Scenario (EVI-FAST) tool provides a quick and convenient, in-depth financial analysis for electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

The EVI-FAST model accommodates basic and advanced user interface modes for modeling side-by-side scenarios of charging equipment. The basic interface lets users specify infrastructure characteristics, such as charger power rating, usage, cost, and incentives. Users can alter values for parameters such as the price of electricity and demand charges. This interface provides basic articulation of financial performance such as investor payback period, net present value, and break-even first-year charging cost. The model uses Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) analysis and provides full financial articulation as well as simple graphical and numerical outputs.

The EVI-FAST advanced interface provides user input options for additional in-depth parameters, allowing for full customization of model assumptions. Parameters include comprehensive aspects of EVI financing, such as capital structure, discount rates, grid electricity cost escalation, and taxation. The advanced interface also enables risk analysis based on user-defined distributions of input values.

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Michael (Misho) Penev