Energy Storage Research Staff

Find contact information and biographies for NREL energy storage research staff.

Name Position Email Phone
Baca, Elena Researcher III - Mechanical Engineering 303-384-7078
Blair, Nate Group Manager - Distributed Systems and Storage Analysis 303-384-7426
Burrell, Anthony Energy Storage 303-384-6666
Colclasure, Andrew Researcher V-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-3195
Cortright, Randy Research Advisor II-Chemistry 303-275-4724
Farrell, John Laboratory Program Manager, Vehicle Technologies 303-275-4434
Fink, Kae Researcher II-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-3143
Gasper, Paul Researcher IV-Chemical Engineering 303-275-4951
Gevorgian, Vahan Senior Research Fellow I-Electrical Engineering 303-384-6940
Grantham, Kerry Researcher IV-Policy Analysis 303-384-7454
Greco, Tessa Group Research Manager II-Systems Engineering 303-384-6962
Jackson, Roderick Laboratory Program Manager - Building Technologies R&D 303-275-4809
Keyser, Matthew Group Manager III-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-3876
Koleva, Masha Researcher III-Chemical Engineering 303-384-6115
Kuroki, Taichi Researcher IV-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-3877
Kurtz, Jennifer Center Director II-Technical 303-275-4061
LiVecchi, Albert Laboratory Program Manager - Water Power 303-384-7138
Livingood, Bill Laboratory Program Manager I-Partnership Development 303-384-7490
Mallarapu, Anudeep Researcher III-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-3084
Mann, Margaret Group Manager III-Supply Chain Analytics 303-275-2921
Martin, Jonathan Researcher III-Systems Engineering 303-275-4581
Maurer, Ben Researcher V-Model Engineering 303-630-2388
Nagasawa, Kazunori Researcher III-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-7170
Onorato, Shaun Researcher III-Systems Engineering 303-275-3618
Osorio, Julian Researcher IV-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-6996
Sanyal, Jibo Group Manager III-Systems Engineering 303-384-7470
Saur, Genevieve Researcher IV-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-3783
Schulze, Max Researcher III-Chemical Engineering 303-275-4813
Smith, Brian Laboratory Program Manager, Wind Energy Technologies 303-384-6911
Usseglio Viretta, Francois Researcher IV-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-4437
Vidal, Judith Group Manager, Building Energy Science 303-275-4290
Werner, Mary Solar Energy Technologies Lab Program Manager 303-384-7511
Wipke, Keith Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technologies LPM 303-275-4451