NREL’s solar market research and analysis spans foundational analysis through technology application in real-world contexts. It includes solar technology costs, policies, markets, siting and integration, and technical assistance to stakeholders.

Three people participating in a collaborative planning session.

Analytic Support and Convening

Many NREL projects bring together community members, governments, nonprofit organizations, and companies to develop new solar energy solutions. NREL offers analytical support for and a common space to convene these efforts.

Two school buildings featuring rooftop solar installations.

Markets and Policy Analysis

NREL studies trends in existing and emerging solar market segments and examines different financial instruments and policy decisions that affect solar energy adoption.

Two people standing next to large, ground-mounted photovoltaic arrays.

Siting and Integration

Through data-driven analysis, NREL is working to advance innovative siting and integration approaches for solar energy. Our research considers technical, economic, social, and environmental factors.

An illustration shows the entire silicon solar cell value chain, beginning with a bulk polysilicon and progressing through silicon ingots, wafers, individual solar cells, and entire PV modules.

Technology Cost Analysis

NREL’s solar technology cost analysis examines the technology costs and supply chain issues for solar photovoltaic technologies. This work informs research and development by identifying drivers of cost and competitiveness for solar technologies.