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We have worked with hundreds of partners from industry, academia, and government on research that moves photovoltaic (PV) technologies into the marketplace and U.S. economy.

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Hands-On Photovoltaic Experience

Our HOPE Workshops provide education opportunities for professors and doctoral students in PV research across the United States.

NREL intellectual property across every aspect of PV research can be licensed. To advance PV research and strengthen product marketability, our facilities and tools are available to industry, university, and government researchers.

We offer a variety of technology partnership agreements to help you gain access to our expertise and capabilities. We are also able to jointly submit proposals in response to any solicitation.

If you'd like to work at NREL, see our job, internship, post doc, and Director's Postdoctoral Fellowship opportunities information.

To partner with NREL, contact Steve Gorin.


Steve Gorin

Partnership and Business Development