Photovoltaic Research Staff

Find contact information and biographies for NREL photovoltaic research staff.

Name Position Email Phone
Al-Jassim, Mowafak Contingent Worker-Emeritus Researcher 303-384-6602
Alberi, Kirstin Center Director I-Technical 303-384-7647
Baddour, Frederick Researcher IV-Chemistry 303-384-6703
Barnes, Teresa Group Research Manager III-Materials Science 303-384-6682
Beard, Matt Senior Research Fellow I-Materials Science 303-384-6781
Bender, Guido Researcher V-Electrical Engineering 303-275-3810
Berry, Joseph Senior Research Fellow I-Physics 303-384-7611
Blackburn, Jeffrey Group Research Manager III-Materials Science 303-384-6649
Bosco, Nicholas Researcher V-Materials Science 303-384-6337
Boyer, Jacob Postdoctoral Researcher-Materials Science 303-275-3996
Braunecker, Wade Researcher IV-Chemistry 303-384-7616
Deceglie, Michael Researcher IV-Physics 303-384-6104
Deline, Chris Group Research Manager III-Materials Science 303-384-6359
Engtrakul, Chaiwat Researcher III-Chemistry 303-384-6646
Ferguson, Andrew Group Manager: Spectroscopy & Photoscience 303-384-6637
France, Ryan Staff Scientist 303-384-6441
Friedman, Daniel Manager, Cell and Module Performance Group 303-384-6472
Geisz, John Principal Scientist 303-384-6474
Gorin, Stephen Laboratory Program Manager II-Partnership Development 303-384-6216
Hacke, Peter Senior Scientist 303-384-6668
Harvey, Steve Researcher IV-Materials Science 303-384-6613
Hurst, Katherine Group Manager II-Systems Engineering 303-384-7673
Jiang, Chun Sheng Senior Scientist 303-384-6687
Johnson, Justin Researcher VI-Chemistry 303-384-6190
Jordan, Dirk Senior Engineer 303-384-6762
Kang, Albert Researcher 303-384-6667
Kempe, Michael Senior Scientist 303-384-6325
Kuciauskas, Darius Researcher V-Chemistry 303-384-6572
Kurtz, Sarah Contingent Worker-Emeritus Researcher 303-384-6475
LaSalvia, Vincenzo Researcher III-Materials and Process Engineering 303-384-7300
Lany, Stephan Researcher V-Physics 303-384-6652
Larsen, Ross Senior Scientist.- Theoretical Chemistry and Physics 303-275-4422
Miller-Link, Elisa Researcher IV-Chemistry 303-384-6777
Luther, Joey Senior Research Fellow I-Materials Science 303-384-6497
Mansfield, Lorelle Group Research Manager II-Physics 303-384-7884
McMahon, Bill Senior Scientist 303-384-6578
Miller, David Researcher V-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-7855
Montano, Consuelo Business Support III-Administrative Associate 303-384-6443
Moutinho, Helio Senior Scientist 303-384-6457
Neale, Nathan Senior Scientist and Group Manager - Interfacial Materials Chemistry 303-384-6165
Nemeth, Bill Staff Engineer 303-384-7801
Norman, Andrew Researcher V-Materials Science 303-384-6483
Parilla, Philip Researcher VI-Physics 303-384-6506
Perkins, Craig Researcher V-Chemistry 303-384-6659
Perrin, Greg Research Technician V-Operate 303-384-6198
Ptak, Aaron Principal Scientist 303-384-6660
Reese, Matthew Researcher V-Physics 303-384-7613
Reid, Obadiah Research Professor 303-384-6588
Repins, Ingrid Senior Research Fellow I-Physics 303-384-7678
Ruddy, Daniel Inorganic & Materials Chemist 303-384-6322
Schulte, Kevin Researcher IV-Chemical Engineering 303-384-6455
Sekulic, William Researcher IV-Electrical Engineering 303-384-6362
Sheldon, Pete Research Advisor II-Materials Science 303-384-6533
Silverman, Tim Senior Scientist 303-384-7912
Simon, John Researcher IV-Semiconductor Engineering 303-275-3898
Simpson, Lin Researcher V-Materials Science 303-384-6625
Song, Tao Researcher IV-Electrical Engineering 303-384-6557
Steiner, Myles Senior Scientist 303-384-7675
Stradins, Pauls Principal Scientist 303-384-6774
Teeter, Glenn Interfacial and Surface Science Group Manager 303-384-6664
Terwilliger, Kent Research Technician V-Operate 303-384-6254
Tremolet de Villers, Bertrand Researcher IV-Chemistry 303-275-4138
Tumas, Bill Associate Lab Director-Materials/Chem Science & Technology 303-384-7955
Ulsh, Michael Acting Group Manager Process Science and Engineering 303-275-3842
Van De Lagemaat, Jao Center Director II-Technical 303-384-6143
Warren, Emily Staff Scientist, Chemistry & Nanoscience 303-384-7293
Werner, Mary Solar Energy Technologies Lab Program Manager 303-384-7511
Wheeler, Lance Researcher III-Materials Science 303-384-6487
Young, David Group Research Manager III-Materials Science 303-384-6621
Young, Matt Researcher III-Materials Science 303-384-6630
Zakutayev, Andriy Researcher V-Physics 303-384-6467
Zhu, Kai Researcher V-Materials Science 303-384-6353