Five-busbar industrial c-Si wafer cell undergoing Kelvin probe measurement of short circuit current.

NREL's photovoltaic (PV) device performance services include high-precision performance testing, certification, and calibration of PV cells and modules, governed by rigorous global standards and decades of experience and expertise.

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Nondestructive and Fast Spectral Response Measurements for PV Modules

This LED-based pulse quantum efficiency (QE) system enables NREL to measure the spectral response of PV modules quickly and reliably, without the need to individually tab cells. And it offers a custom map of spectral response at different locations. To learn more, read our blog.

A solar module sits underneath a square shade that covers several cells around the measured cell. A bundle of black fibers runs from LEDs to the center of this shade to measure the desired cell.

Capabilities and Accreditations

Expertise, precision, and fast turnaround times from a globally recognized PV testing team


Testing and certification for cell and module measurements and primary reference cell calibrations

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Efficiency Charts

We have a long history of accurately measuring and tracking the efficiencies and performance of photovoltaic devices.

Technology-Specific Cell Efficiency Charts

Crystalline silicon cells

Single-junction gallium arsenide cells

Multijunction cells

Thin films

Emerging PV.


Nikos Kopidakis

Principal Investigator, Cell and Module Performance Measurement