NREL has world-leading capabilities in the characterization of photovoltaic (PV) materials and devices.

Spectral responsivity measurement system using 10nm bandwidth interference filters. L to R, lamp, mechanical chopper, shutter, filters, temperature controlled probe station with mirror.

Device Performance

We provide certification, testing, and calibration services for the entire range of PV technologies—with measurement uncertainties among the best in the world—and help define global standards and best practices for PV calibration.

Time-resolved photoluminescence.

Electro-Optical Characterization

We apply a range of electro-optical characterization techniques to PV materials and devices with specialty in measuring minority-carrier lifetime.

Analytical Microscopy and Imaging Science

We apply transmission/scanning electron and scanning probe techniques to measure the chemical, structural, morphological, electrical, interfacial, and luminescent properties on the nano to Angstrom scale.

Interfacial and Surface Science

We develop and apply a wide range of techniques to determine the chemical, elemental, and molecular composition, and the electronic structure of surfaces and critical interfaces.