Welcome to NREL (Text Version)

This is the text version of the video "Welcome to NREL."

America's energy revolution was born while waiting in line at the gas pump.

At a time when our country's energy security seemed uncertain, our leaders began to question our reliance on foreign oil. Was it possible for the United States to generate domestic, reliable, and affordable energy from clean renewable sources? Could new energy technologies not only power our nation, but also our economy, creating millions of U.S. jobs, companies, and products?

Meet the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, an organization tasked with transforming energy since 1977. NREL is one of the U.S. Department of Energy's 17 national research laboratories and the only one
solely dedicated to securing America's energy future through renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Located in the hills of Golden, Colorado, NREL is changing the way we generate, consume, store, and distribute energy.

Our major areas of research include renewable power sources, such as solar, wind, water, and geothermal. We are striving to increase energy efficiency through advanced manufacturing, building technologies, and federal energy management. To expand sustainable transportation options, we are pursuing biofuels, enhanced hydrogen infrastructure, and fuel cells. Ultimately, we are reimagining energy systems for the world by harnessing the power of data and computing, and focusing on integrated solutions, along with grid
modernization and security.

NREL's cutting-edge facilities and world-class research staff enable partners to validate, model, and propose new ideas and products. By reducing risk, NREL saves companies precious time, money, and resources, while collaborating to bring new technologies to market. And, NREL provides critical technical assistance to communities⁠—large and small⁠—helping them solve their biggest energy challenges.

The energy innovations we've enabled have created jobs, boosted economic growth, and strengthened energy security. Yet our work has only begun.

While the oil embargos of the 70s are in the past, the emerging energy challenges confront us in the future. As the population grows and new technologies and devices are added to the grid, we must examine the effects, enhance security, and increase resilience within our most critical systems.

And, as environmental threats expand and human demands on urban centers increase, we need our grid to be adaptive, autonomous, and responsive. The earth's most critical resources, including food and water, are under threat.

We need more sustainable and efficient ways of generating energy that considers resource competition worldwide. NREL continues to anticipate these challenges, offering solutions through research, innovation, analysis, partners, and people.

We are building the foundation of tomorrow's energy landscape and inspiring the economic growth of the future.

At NREL, we are transforming energy.