Waves to Water Prize ADAPT Stage Winners: Team Oneka (Text Version)

This is a text version of the video Waves to Water Prize ADAPT Stage Winners: Team Oneka.

From the ADAPT Stage to the CREATE Stage, we haven't done many changes about the design. One of the things we implemented was really the reusability of the system. We also implemented some of the features. We learned to make it more reliable.

Among the other changes that we brought to the system during the CREATE phase was also making it lighter than it was initially, especially in its packaged form. There were some losses that we were able to eliminate. One of the most exciting parts is really seeing the system in real life. So, it's really the moment where we go from the computer to the real life. We're really excited to put this in the ocean and be able to test the system at its fullest.

The proceedings from the CREATE Stage will be used to build a second generation of our snowflake device for emergency relief applications. In addition to the materials, we'll also be using those to rent equipment, do sea operations beforehand, before the competition. Also, we want to grow the team working on the snowflake device.

And, the other aspect, which is not quite within the prize, is actually reaching out to true users for emergency relief water supply. That's actually quite key because we want to make this product a product being used by people in need, so we want to make sure it's adapted as best as possible to real-life conditions.

Thanks a lot for all the organizers for the prize, we're looking forward for the next step and also to see our fellow competitors and meet in person really shortly. Thank you so much.