Waves to Water Prize ADAPT Stage Winners: Team Water Duck (Text Version)

This is a text version of the video Waves to Water Prize ADAPT Stage Winners: Team Water Duck.

In the ADAPT Stage, we actually entered three devices. And the reason we changed was because the competition itself was becoming more concrete, particularly in terms of the mooring—what moorings were available at Jennette's Pier and what the restrictions were on or the cost of having a moor. One of our devices didn't really need a torque mooring, so we didn't pull up on the seabed, but it produced less power, so we dropped that. We dropped that device ultimately and proceeded with two other devices that pulled on the ocean floor and we've now, in this CREATE Stage, we've homed in on a refinement of that device.

Actually getting the whole rig put together has been very, very exciting. We've procured many of the components, we've put together the power system, we've produced the power take-off, we've programmed the power take-off, and we've been able to do extensive testing with it.

We've bought a lot of equipment for testing. Well, it's really enabled us to put this rig together, which we've spent a decent amount on, and continue to prove out the technology and prove out the way that we think that the device is going to behave and how effective it will be at capturing energy to ultimately produce water.