Waves to Water Prize ADAPT Stage Winners: Team Sea Potential (Text Version)

This is a text version of the video Waves to Water Prize ADAPT Stage Winners: Team Sea Potential.

During the ADAPT Stage of the competition, our focus was mainly on optimizing the device configuration to maximize power capture from the prevailing sea conditions, given the space and wave constraints that applied. We're very excited, then, to be selected for the CREATE Stage, as this has given us the opportunity to advance the design significantly. Our CREATE Stage program has two main work streams. Firstly, a bench testing program aimed at improving the efficiency of the hydraulic circuit in the device to maximize both the quantity and quality of water produced under the conditions likely to prevail at Jennette's Pier. Secondly, a work stream focused on de-risking the offshore activities required to compete in the DRINK Stage.

So, the winnings we received following our success in the ADAPT Stage have been used to construct a full-scale prototype device, and our CREATE Stage work program has been developed to use this full-scale prototype to demonstrate the activities required during the DRINK Stage. And we've been delighted with the results to be it, which have demonstrated the stability of the device in the water and have significantly de-risked the offshore activities required during the DRINK Stage.

In parallel with these technical work streams, we are also undertaking further market research to identify the preferred device configurations for different market segments. We are now looking forward to completing this work and writing up the results as part of our final CREATE submission. The Sea Potential team developing the DUO system really appreciates the opportunity of undertaking this CREATE Stage work program, and we look forward, hopefully, to having the chance to compete in the final DRINK Stage of the competition.