Waves to Water Prize ADAPT Stage Winners: Team ReVision (Text Version)

This is a text version of the video Waves to Water Prize ADAPT Stage Winners: Team ReVision.

There wasn't really much of a change in our overall design in the ADAPT Stage. We made a few modifications to accommodate more shallow water at the deployment site, and really refocused on the machine itself because a lot of the other aspects are kind of taken care of by the site.

The main focus was really component selection. What can we pick off the shelves that kind of work for this application without much modification? And that's really critical obviously for us to move forward and build something within a reasonable time frame.

We focused right from the beginning in the CREATE Stage on building, really rapidly, a proof of concept. So, we received some prize money from the ADAPT phase. Most of that money actually went into this proof-of-concept slash engineering prototype build that we just completed.

We're very happy with that, and we went through a number of different test stages and validation stages during this process, so there was some debugging and validation going on, and then we actually built the whole system up and we deployed it here on the west coast. We actually skipped certain engineering stuff—certain validation stuff—so we could make rapid progress from the beginning and have a fully integrated design, test that, and then come back with everything that failed us during this period.

We've been really happy with the performance of our system so far. It really aligns well with our numerical models. It actually works, so we actually successfully produced water at sea, which is really encouraging and we're looking forward to the next phase.